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Ojya Salon and clinic is the one-stop destination to get the most needed and top-quality bleach services. If you are searching for the most reputable source that offers bleach services with intensive care as a special service, we would be the most preferred destination. Here, we specialize in not only eyebrow threading but also bleach services. That’s why; women of different age groups choose us for attaining the most secured bleach services at the most affordable costs.

You will receive the most desired bleach services from our experts and get a fascinating experience. Therefore, it is your time to explore the quality of bleaching service offered at our clinic. Whenever you plan to attain bleaching services, come to us and feel the difference, which is undefinable in quality and experience. Visit us at Ojya salon and clinic, and it will be an excellent experience for you.

Our beauty salon caters to all your demands, whether you want facial hair bleach or complete body hair bleach or look fairer with a clean face or body. Our special bleaching packages not only make your facial skin texture soft, smooth and silky, but also gives a new glow and complexion to your skin, thereby enhancing the entire ambiance of your face. We try to enhance the natural beauty of your face to make it glow and add a shine with bleaches that make your skin smooth and fair. 

Types of Bleach services offered by OJYA salon
  1. Fruit face bleach
  2. Ory bleach
  3. O3 bleach
  4. D-tan bleach
  5. Protein bleach
  6. Milk bleach
  7. Gold bleach
  8. Diamond bleach
  9. Full body bleach


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