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Body Polishing

Body polishing is a full-body peeling that removes dead skin cells, promotes cell regeneration, and moisturizes the skin. It helps the skin to breathe and enhances blood circulation. The cream used mostly contains salt, sugar, or other grain that acts as the perfect scrub.

How is it different from a body scrub?

Body polishes and scrubs are very similar, and both exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells. However, body scrubs cleanse the skin while body polishes only remove dead skin cells and hydrate.

Benefits of Body Polishing

Promotes cell growth: The peeling of your skin through the techniques of body polishing removes the dirt accumulated in the pores and stimulates the development of new cells. 

Reduces pigmentation: Getting rid of pigmentation can be quite a task, especially when the spots are a little too prominent. Obtaining lighter skin through chemical and natural ingredients can be done using methods of body polishing, and it also eliminates blemishes and reduces the production of melanin.

Rejuvenates skin: When living in an excessively hectic and polluted environment, the skin tends to be dull and lifeless. This is the time when your skin is calling out for a session of body polishing. 

Hydrates skin: Hydrating agents like aromatic essential oils and body lotions used to moisturize your skin through body polishing help close these very pores by penetrating deep into your skin, hence giving it a soft, smooth surface.

Stimulates blood flow: body polishing help in constant stimulation of blood flow and helps the skin relax. It also removes toxins and unwanted materials, thus enhancing skin texture and bringing out a healthy, natural glow!

body polishing

Types of body polishing services offered by Ojya Salon

  1. Body polishing normal
  2. Body polishing delux
  3. Body polishing super delux bleach
  4. Full body scwp

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