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Hair Massage

If you’ve ever had a hair massage, you no doubt recall how relaxing it felt. Besides easing stress and tension, there’s also buzz around scalp massages being able to promote hair growth. Is this just a myth or is there truth to this additional benefit of a scalp massage? Though research is limited, there may be some promise to this theory, depending on your hair growth needs.

The benefits of a Hair massage

A hair massage doesn’t just feel good—it also does good, with the scientific research to prove it. Regular hair massages give hair a natural growth boost. Most people’s hair grows between half an inch to one inch every month, but when you add regular scalp massages, that can help increase monthly growth. 

That’s because a good hair massage stimulates blood circulation and oxygen to their hair follicle, helping to deliver more nutrients to the root to help bolster hair growth. That makes scalp massages especially beneficial to those with thinning hair or hair loss. In fact, scalp massages can also help hair grow thicker. 

Just like getting a regular massage, a hair massage has mental health perks as well. It can help lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels, as well as reduce headaches and migraines. Plus, you don’t need a study to tell you that it’s simply relaxing. That’s what makes it an important part of a self-care routine.

How often should you do a Hair massage?

Generally speaking, the more often you can give yourself a hair massage, the better. Make it work for your schedule, whether that’s every time you wash your hair in the shower. A few minutes every day will deliver magic, but doing it a few times a week still delivers results, too. Giving yourself a scalp massage does not have to be a big event, you can incorporate it anytime that works best for you.

Massaging your hair is one of the best ways to care for scalp and hair health.

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